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Calprotectin Test

Calprotectin Test

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Elevated calprotectin levels typically indicate intestinal inflammation, as a response to the presence of white blood cells (neutrophils) in the inflamed area. Symptoms of intestinal inflammation may include severe watery or bloody diarrhea, accompanied by abdominal pain or cramping lasting for more than a few days, necessitating evaluation to discern the presence of inflammation.

Differentiating between conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a primary use of the calprotectin stool test. While both conditions present similar symptoms, only IBD involves inflammation, often leading to watery and/or bloody diarrhea. IBS, on the other hand, is characterized by symptoms without intestinal damage or inflammation. The test aids healthcare providers in guiding treatment decisions, monitoring inflammation severity, predicting symptom recurrence, and determining the effectiveness of interventions.

Turnaround:5 days

Sample Type:: Stool/faecal container*

Please post self-collected samples on the same day they are taken, avoid posting over weekends and bank holidays.

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