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Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT) DVLA Blood Test

Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT) DVLA Blood Test

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The CDT blood test measures the level of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT) in the bloodstream, a substance responsible for transporting iron to various organs. Elevated CDT levels serve as a biomarker indicating excessive alcohol consumption, making it a valuable tool for healthcare providers and researchers. The test is highly accurate, with heavy drinkers exhibiting significantly higher CDT levels compared to non-drinkers or moderate drinkers. CDT levels return to normal within weeks of abstaining from alcohol, highlighting its efficacy in monitoring drinking habits over an extended period.

Turnaround:3 days

Sample Type:: Blood

Please post self-collected samples on the same day they are taken, avoid posting over weekends and bank holidays. [4] Send to the laboratory same day.

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