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Lipase Test

Lipase Test

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A Lipase test detects elevated levels of the lipase enzyme in the bloodstream, indicating potential pancreatic inflammation or injury. Lipase aids in lipid digestion, and its presence in the blood suggests leakage from the pancreas due to damage or inflammation. This test is typically recommended when symptoms of pancreatic issues, such as nausea, vomiting, rapid pulse, weight loss, fatty stools, fever, and loss of appetite, are present. Evaluating lipase levels helps diagnose pancreatitis and other related conditions, providing crucial information for appropriate medical management. Additionally, assessing amylase levels alongside lipase can offer further insights into pancreatic health.

Turnaround:1 day

Sample Type:: Blood

Please post self-collected samples on the same day they are taken, avoid posting over weekends and bank holidays.

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