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Urea Test

Urea Test

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The blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test is a common blood test that provides crucial insights into kidney function by measuring the amount of urea nitrogen in the blood. Urea nitrogen is a waste product formed when the liver breaks down proteins, which is then filtered by the kidneys and excreted through urine. Abnormal levels of urea nitrogen revealed by the BUN test can indicate potential kidney dysfunction, prompting further evaluation, especially in individuals with suspected kidney disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

This test is essential for diagnosing kidney disease or damage, evaluating kidney function in chronic conditions, and assessing the effectiveness of dialysis treatment. Additionally, it can be part of a comprehensive blood test to diagnose various conditions like liver damage, heart failure, or gastrointestinal bleeding. Creatinine levels are often measured alongside BUN levels to provide a more comprehensive assessment of kidney health, with high levels suggesting kidney damage. Moreover, the estimated glomerular filtration rate (GFR) may be calculated to determine the percentage of kidney function, offering further insights into kidney health.

Turnaround:1 day

Sample Type:: Blood

Please post self-collected samples on the same day they are taken, avoid posting over weekends and bank holidays.

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